Father’s Love

father-holding-baby-in-air-silhouette 4716589759_246b516652_z FatherandSon

June is not only the time of the year when we send back our kids to school, neither is also the time when grooms and brides flock the church altars. June, as much as we know, is also the month of our hardworking dads. Every third week of the month, we give our thanks and appreciation for that one person who always treats us like a princess, and played video games with us till  the break of dawn.

At home, when our mom forbids us to do something, we immediately sought the help of our dad. Why not? He can spoil us—he can and will give us anything we need, bring us wherever we wanted to be. However, while spoiling us, he’s also giving us some valuable life lessons. He might give you an additional allowance for your school, but with an additional preach on why you need to save your school allowances so you will learn to value your finances at this early stage of your life. You’ll find all your father’s mini dialogues and preaches when you grow up, when you realize that his every word means so much to what you’re actually experiencing right now.

For the girls, her dad is her first love. He’s the kind of guy every girl would look for in search of her true love. He’s the living example of what her future husband would look like. He’s the one who first cradled us, hugged us and will tell us that everything is going to be just fine when you find yourself in a complete chaos and frustration. He’s there for us, loving us and protecting us, at all cost. For the guys, their dad is their best friend. They can share everything, from their interests, hobbies and even to their secrets. Their dad is the living example of how they should be when they become a man. He sees himself as a man of duties, and a man who will do anything for his family, just like what he sees on his dad.

If you think you are having a hard time in your school, office or even in your personal lives, that is nothing compared to the hard works and sacrifices our dad has done just for him to give his family a comfortable life. It doesn’t matter whether your dad is a businessman, office worker, professional worker, doctor, lawyer, teacher, vendor, sweeper, driver— what matters most is that he’s the one who took care of us from the moment we were born up until today. His simple life reminders are of great importance, so we must never neglect those. As he ages with another year, let us all remind ourselves to give back the love and affection he showered to us. For our father is our one great true love, and nothing in this world can ever change that fact.

Tay, Ama, Papa, Daddy, Dad…. This is your day, Happy Father’s Day!


The first time you knew I was conceived,
You couldn’t help yourself but to be beamed.
All you wanted to do is to bring me in your arms,
And to protect me always from every harm.
I saw you since my birth, as I was lying in my crib.
You are with me since then, you taught me about life in glib
And a life in harsh, but life must continue to progress,
Someday, I’ll become like you, teaching children for the best
You’ve been always there for me when I need someone to cling on.
Whenever I fall you are there encouraging me to just ‘go on’
In good times and in bad times to you I always run to
And in my failures, you are the first to believe that I will get through
In my ambition, you’re my inspiration.
In my weakness, your kind words are my strength.
Your love is enduring and it’s never ending.
For me my Father, you are best among the rest
I was searching for a man who will love me unconditionally
Hoping he will never make me cry and could stay with me very willingly
But then I realized, all this time, I have you already
A wonderful gift God has blessed me, my Father who loves me completely.
Richly blessed is how I feel
To have a Dad like you
And as promised, I will forever be
A “daddy’s girl/boy” to you.