Your Christmas To-Do List

The Philippines, being a Catholic country, observes Christmas as the most awaited, biggest and celebrated holiday among others. Whether you are a kid or an adult, the idea of the Yuletide season is sure to put a smile on your face. Here is a top list on how to make the most out of it.

 6. Put that Christmas tree up already!

If you haven’t put up yours by this time, then it’s time to get up and assemble that tree already. I remember during my childhood years that I am so excited for the “ber” months. Come September, my mom would already start putting christmas decorations all around the house. From the lights to the lanterns or what is locally called as “parol”, little angels, Santa Clauses and socks hung here and there. For my part, I would help in putting up the tree and hang the little cutesy decors in it. And of course, a christmas tree is not a christmas tree without the golden yellow star on top of it. This symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem which led the Three Wise Men the way to infant Jesus.

5. Wrap those gifts 😉

This is what most children are waiting for. Christmas time is the season to indulge in sharing and giving. After you’ve put up that christmas tree, everybody is really excited for the gifts that will be placed under it. Christmas shopping now begins. However, giving doesn’t really end up on just material things. *Give love on Christmas day song starts playing*

4. Attend Misa de Gallo or what is commonly known as Simbang Gabi

Misa de Gallo is a translation of rooster’s mass because it is said during four o’clock in the morning before the farmers go to their fields. This tradition has been around for centuries already and still popular up to date. It is observed on a nine-consecutive night duration starting from December 16 to the eve of Christmas, December 24. It is a well-known belief that a devotee who completed all nine nights will be granted one wish or request that was part of his novena.

3. Enjoy the delicious delicacies

After attending mass, people would normally go and buy the famous (1) Bibingka which is a rice cake cooked on a clay stone and charcoal, (2) Puto Bumbong, another rice pastry that is purple in color topped with grated coconut and brown sugar, nowadays cheese is also put on top for a more savory and delicious flavor, and who could forget the famous (3)Tsokolate de baterol? A hot chocolate drink made from locally grown cocoa beans. Every tummy is a happy tummy! 😉

2. Share Noche Buena with the whole FamBam

Ahhh the eve of celebration! Relatives come home, families and loved ones gather, this night is the peak of Christmas itself. People stay up late to attend the last Misa de Gallo together with their loved ones, children do the usual custom of “pagmamano” to their grandparents and collect their Aguinaldo (cash gift). Also, exchanging of gifts usually happens at this time in the Filipino culture. Unlike in western countries, they open their gifts when they wake up in the morning of the 25th. Here in the Philippines, right after the Noche Buena, people would start distributing their presents during midnight. Everybody is sure to sleep with smiles on their faces.

Erase and forget everything I have just said, there can not be a better Christmas than one spent with your family and loved ones, the pinoy style with lavish food, fun games and gift-giving. Best of all, Spending your hard-earned money on a lasting home investment for your loved ones.

be home_rgb

1. Be Home for Christmas

Of course, who would want to spend their Christmas evening alone? This season, Stateland, Inc. invites you to celebrate Christmas in your new home. Because the company aims in serving the housing needs of the country, as our christmas gift to you and a way of expressing our gratitude, we want you to enjoy a fiesta celebration for every sales reservation in selected Stateland housing projects. Gift certificates from the largest filipino buffet, La Fiesta, will be given to you. Take your pick from Washington Place, Chester Place, Villa San Lorenzo, Gran Seville and Gran Avila. So many choices to choose from! There’s no reason not to come home to your family this yuletide season. Be home for Christmas now and let the merriment begin!

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