The year that has been… 2013

To many people, the start of new year beacons new beginnings. New chances, new opportunities, new blessings. We are all celebrating because of the new found chance of doing things right and grabbing every opportunity that comes our way. New year lets us reinvent ourselves and become the better version of what we had become in the past years. It also allows us to reach out to other people and give help to those in need. That’s the spirit of New Year. As we bid farewell to the year that has been, we say our hello to the coming one. 2013 has been a challenging and tough year to almost everybody, especially to our country. Moving forward is the best option that we could make, but we must also not forget to look back to the all the things we’ve been through in the past year for the experiences that we’ve had gave us strength and courage to face another day in our lives.


For Stateland, Inc., 2013 has been a year full of ups and downs. Nonetheless, we never let obstacles hinder the very objective of the company of providing Filipino people with durable and affordable houses in desirable communities that they truly deserve. 2013 gave the company a fair share of give and takes, trials and successes, failures and achievements. Nonetheless, it continues to live up to its legacy of quality townships to bring satisfaction to its valued clients. As we look forward in the year 2014, we look back and remember the things that made 2013 truly remarkable for Stateland, Inc.


1. 2013 Brokers Conference – Held at the Golden Bay Restaurant last January 11, the 2013 Brokers Conference signalled the successful start of 2013. It was graced by President Reynaldo T. Cometa, Executive Vice President Elizabeth Chow, with the rest of the Senior Management Committee. With the annual theme of All Summer Long, the event was attended by hundreds of brokers who have been selling the different projects of the company. Several promos and incentives were announced on that night that would further motivate the sellers to generate more sales for the company and for themselves.


2. Launching of two new communities in Calamba, Laguna—the Gran Avila and Casa Laguerta – Last July 20, Stateland, Inc. officially launched and introduced the newest socialized and economic housing communities in Calamba, Laguna. These are the Gran Avila in Barangay Majada and Casa Laguerta in Barangay Laguerta.  Project orientations (both of the projects) for the in-house and external sellers were also conducted prior to the launching.  These are one of those momentous events for the company as we are once again embarking in socialized housing projects that we were once known for decades ago.


3. Gabay Guro Grand Gathering – In fulfilling the advocacy of honouring our teachers, Stateland, Inc. partners with PLDT-Smart Foundation in their flagship program, the Gabay Guro. It’s a program anchored with six core pillars with the primary objective of helping the teachers and acknowledging their works and efforts for the betterment of the society. As a testament of the company’s advocacies, the company sponsored a brand new Alto house model of its newest project development in Laguna, the Gran Avila. Annalyn Dizon, high school teacher from Bacoor, Cavite won the new house and lot. Dizon and her family had already visited the Gran Avila site where their new house will be built. She and her family are expected to move in their new house in the second quarter of 2014.


4. Annual Company Christmas Party – The annual grand celebration of Stateland, Inc. Christmas party was waived to give way for a more meaningful act- and that is to show solidarity to the victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda. The savings generated from waiving the traditional Christmas party and holding it in the office building instead was donated to the Yolanda victims. Nonetheless, Christmas spirit was still present during the simple yet fulfilling Christmas party. With the theme of One Voice of Stateland, employees were given the chance to showcase their talents in singing and wow the crowd during the Christmas party held at the 4th floor of State Centre Building in Binondo, Manila last December 20, 2013.


            These are some of the events that had happened in the year 2013. As we look back to the things that had happened, we are making sure that 2014 will be a better year for all of us as we continue serving the Filipino people, living up to their expectations and providing them shelters for their better future. 





A series of 2013 events for Stateland, Inc. 


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