Thanksgiving in the Open House!

Thanksgiving in the Open House!

What is it that you want to give thanks for?

Thanksgiving Day is usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Thanksgiving Day has been a tradition in the Western part of the world as it symbolizes deep gratitude to the Supreme Being for a successful and fruitful harvest. With the traditional menu of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash, cranberry sauce, different pies and bread, families and friends and groups of celebrators gather together to commemorate this special event. For some, Thanksgiving is their chance to finally spend quality time together with their loved ones after being apart for much of the year. Thanksgiving is also the time of the year where families and individuals can reflect on the love that they have for one another, as well as sharing their thoughts about the things that they are grateful for.

Philippines, on the other hand, has its own version of the traditional Thanksgiving celebration. As Washington Place in Dasmarinas, Cavite opens its doors for everyone who are interested to have a quality home of their own, it will also be the venue for a local Thanksgiving celebration.

On November 23, the Thanksgiving-themed Grand Open House celebration is a way of also showing gratitude for yet another fruitful year at Washington Place. From its groundbreaking ceremony held last October 2010, until it finally opens its doors for buyers in and outside the country, Washington Place has been a landmark in Dasmarinas, Cavite that sets and redefines quality, affordable, stylish and convenient living in the South. The celebration also honors its buyers, sellers and other personnel for their support and commitment in making Filipino dreams of having a descent and quality abode come to life. The traditional way of celebrating Thanksgiving, like preparing roasted turkey, and wearing Uncle Sam hats will still be observed on this very special occasion.

So what are now waiting for? Let’s us celebrate the traditional Thanksgiving celebration while choosing the perfect house for your family. This only happens at Washington Place.

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